Shower House One

Shower house #1 is the closes of the two shower houses to the main lodge. Just a short walk from the Chipmunk cabin. This shower house serves amphitheater events also Pine, Yucca, and Cactus cabins.

Exterior Renovations

Exterior Landscaping: Removal of all shrubbery around the building, Trees cut back from building, walking paths designated and lit. Removal of all weeds/leaves/debris. Paths should have a rock base, and communal areas filled with wood treated mulch. Paint or New siding.

Interior Renovations

Paint on the walls, New fixtures, counter-tops, floors should be tiled or painted, showers will also need new fixtures but may need tile also and Bathroom stalls may need to be made sturdy?? New screens for windows.

Bathroom Fixtures

  • New Toilets:  2 / boys – 3 / girls
  • New Urinals: 2  boys
  • Shower Kits:  3 / boys – 3 /girls
  • New Sink bowls: 2 / boys – 3 /girls


Need square footage for tiles