Keep in touch with your camper and get the latest news from Camp New Journey on our mobile app or online. You may send and receive mail from your camper, view and share photos and videos, and get real-time updates. The Camp New Journey community is private to only current families and controlled by camp administrators.

Be the first to know what’s happening this summer with the Camp New Journey private photo gallery, then send and receive messages using Bunk Notes & Bunk Replies. No need to wait for snail mail; Bunk1 makes it easy to communicate with your child and receive handwritten responses direct to your Bunk1 account.


  • Save Favorite Photos for easy access to pictures of your camper all year-round

  • Upload a profile photo of your camper. Our facial recognition will scan all the uploaded photos and notify you when we detect photos of your camper.

  • Share Photos to social media or email a photo to family.

  • Customize Unique Photo Gifts such as photo books, mugs, calendars, phone cases and more.

  • Order high resolution digital downloads or prints

If you don’t want to download the mobile app you can view photos on our website. The ONLINE PHOTO GALLERY is a great way for parents to save memories from camp and not worry about their campers having to take pictures while they are here.  We have limited internet and our photographers/counselors usually wait until the end of the day to upload new pictures. If you share a photo from Bunk1 to a personal social media account the hashtag #campnewj will also be included.


Send Bunk Notes Camp New Journey receives a pdf at 7:00 PM each day containing all Bunk Notes received in the last 24 hours.  Receive a handwritten note from your camper in your Bunk1 account.

  1. Register for Bunk1 prior to camp, purchase Bunk Reply stationery and print out enough copies to last the summer, or use credits and add the stationery when you send a Bunk Note.

  2. Make sure your camper knows to write on the bar-coded stationery.

  3. Camp staff collect Bunk Replies.

  4. Camp staff fax all Bunk Replies back to Bunk1.

  5. Bunk1 scans the barcode & sends the Reply to your account.

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